Key-logger Simulation Test

Hi, I found out some Key-logger Simulation Test:
And I have bad news: CIS 5.0.16x doesn’t recognize activity of key-logger :frowning:

Do you plan make better in future anti-keylogging functions in CIS?

Of course big thanks for CIS, except about keyloggers is very good software and I love it :smiley:

Sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Hi lukaszszsz,

We will verify this issue and get back to you after reaching a conclusion.


Hi lukaszszsz,

The issue will be fixed with future CIS virus database updates.


I am pretty sure that Comodo would have protected you if this test had no signature that is in the trusted vendors list.


Hi, thanks for reply.

Does it mean that Comodo will notice activity of any keylogger or only this one app which was done for tests (keyboard.exe)?

If someone is interested in some way to protect against keyloggers here is interesting article:

I didn’t add this test to the trusted list (only downloaded and run).

CIS pass all Zemana test:

No it doesn’t.
I can understand that’s because Zemana is a Trusted Vendor.
But I don’t understand why it fails Spyshelter’s test.

I still can’t understand why devs don’t respond to this issue; there’s a load of threads in this forums about it.