Kevins eyes only


I have a job opertunity. It envolves homeland security & Dep of Defence. Please contact me.


If it envolves homeland security & Dep of Defense, I think it a little bit strange that you don’t know another way to contact Kevin :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetz, Red.

If you are part of Homeland security…We are in really deep SH**…

opportunity …Hope I was able to help some… (:NRD)

Yeah, I think he saw too many James Bond movies … instead of going to school ;D

Greetz, Red.

LOL- I just think its funny that they spelled it defence instead of (defense). :stuck_out_tongue: Who do we got workin at the dept. of defense nowadays anyways ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Omg, and I copy and paste it :-\ But I am Dutch … and drunk because we had Queens Day here in Holland ;D

Greetz, Red.

It sounds like they are only interested in his eyes, they must want him as an … overseer. 88)

job opertunity 88)

woohoo, big job “opertunity”. :stuck_out_tongue: I thought Kevin was here in the US. ? Is he living down in Aussieland now ? :slight_smile:

Cue the James Bond music. Kevin, for Gawds sake contact the Controler ( with 1 L ) the very survival of the free world may be dependent on you replying to this ultra top secret post.

I don’t know about the rest of you but i fear for the security of the western free world if this is the way that the intelligence services recruit new operatives!! ;D ;D

Make sure you keep your morals ‘controller’, all we have to show in our lives is what we have done. Do not let yourself end up in any dodgy situations.

This is general advice, any businesses and government positions CAN be dodgy. Although the chances are you will end up with a group of down-to earth reasonable people.

BTW. Dunno about America but in Australia generally secret service authorities specify that you are not to mention to anyone that you have a applied for a position with them (This would carry over to actually being offered a position i gather).

Wish you the best of luck.

What’s scary is this is the way they probably do recruit. :o


So what happens now? we both probably know too much. i for one will be laying low for a few months until i’m sure that some gezza ain’t going to stab me with an umberella filled with Riacin. :cry:

I’m gonna buy some of those glasses with the big nose and mustache and get a job in the government and they will have no idea who I am. Might even think I look like Clinton (Mrs. that is). (:NRD)


  I had a sleepless night worrying about this, in the good old days when you read a message like this one you simply ate the piece of paper it was written on, but a web page presents a whole new problem, do you have to eat the links to that page as well or indeed the whole computer. 

On another point the thread clearly stated that this was for “Kevin’s eyes only”, so far 313 sets of eyes have checked it out … hmmmm so much for privacy. (:KWL)

Beam him up Scotty (:KWL)

Kevin is our Secret Agent 423 with a licence to kill Malware (:KWL)

Greetz, Red.

Shaken, not stirred.

Man I must have been really drunk when i posted this one ey? :■■■■
I misspelled words even though i have a nice spell check here. (:NRD)
The job is not actually working for them but rather a subcontractor and it has nothing to do with male wares so to speak.
I am all better now.
I must say, I posted a couple things i was curious about with Comodo’s AV and never did get a good

Carry on (:KWL)

BTW: thanks for all your support (:TNG)


Ok well the guy doesn’t need anymore ■■■■ from anyone. If you read wilders Security forums I think you’ll see what I mean.