Keeps wanting to restart the PC - 6-8 times a day

Love CIS but one thing thats tempting me to remove it is CIS demanding to restart my computer umpteen times a day for no apparent reason. Is there a way to stop it doing so ?

This does not sound like normal behavior. What happens just before it asks to restart your computer? Also, does it give a reason for this?

In addition, what happens if you restart your computer when asked? Does it continue to ask even after that?


Nope, it gives no reason whatsoever. Just that needs to restart restart now or postpone
No it restarts (I’m having problems there too, but thats another story and was happening before I installed CIS) and it’s OK until an hour or two later it does it again.

Ive been on the comp an hour this morning, and it’s just popped up AGAIN. No reason, just saying I must restart to complete process - WHAT “process” ? Its driving me up the wall. NO explanation just wanting to constantly restart

What problems are you having with it restarting? You said it was happening since installing CIS, but one thing CIS does require is a full restart in order to fully initialize itself. Thus, if the restart is not going correctly it may have an error from that.

If that’s not the problem please try running the diagnostics and let me know if it finds any issues.


The initial restart was done, yes. So why the need to do it 8 times a day, without giving a reason ?
I removed it and went back to Defender (which I hate because it never asks - it just DOES and I loathe that) but thus far not ONE demand for a restart from Defender.
I’ll give CIS another go maybe, because of that irritating fault with Defender where it will remove “suspicious” without asking. …and hope it doesn’t happen the same again - the rerstarting

I’m sorry to hear that. To me this certainly sounds like something went wrong with the installation, in one way or the other.

Thus, if you do reinstall it please read my post here. Then, be sure to run the removal tools for CIS, and ones for other anti-malware products which used to be installed but are now removed, before reinstalling CIS. That may solve the problem.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’m sorry we weren’t able to solve this.

Thank you.

The initial restart was done, yes. So why the need to do it 8 times a day, without giving a reason ?
Just for clarity. You did not notice when a reboot? Maybe after the database update? How much time is set to update the database?

No offence, but how am I supposed to know about the database ???
It rebooted when asked to originally, but kept on demanding reboots for no reason thereaftyer
It’s off now, and using Ashampoo’s effort which while not as good as the CIS isn’t obtrusive

You can see a database, after the first full update ( when installed CIS, reboot and fully loaded the a bases.) Remember the number.
Then look - is there another update before the crash (when the PC is rebooted.)
Since the second update database may be >1 hour or longer.
Depending on the receipt.
P.S. Also, you have a database update log (and updating time).
Edit: If you do not have problems with other products it is certainly your choice.