Keeps prompting for programs that I've already deemed as safe

I’m constantly bombarded by prompters. Every single time I open up Firefox, I get 5 in a row. I’ll select “Remember my answer for this application” each time, and it has zero effect. I’ve gone into the Firewall window and selected Firefox in the “Define a new Trusted Application”, and still no effect. I’m just using Firefox as an example; it does this with just about everything I open up: Internet Explorer, WinAmp, SpyBot, AIM, etc.

I’m rather new to using Firewalls so I’m hoping it’s some obvious option that I’ve neglected and it’s an easy fix. I thought this might be a question asked all too frequently, but I couldn’t find anything in a search, so I made this topic. I appreciate any input you can provide.

Hi Reidar, welcome to the forums.

I suspect the you are actually being prompted for different things. These pop-ups may look very much the same, but they are subtlety different. A fair few applications send messages or modify Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) in minor ways. This is normally to add menu options or functions to Explorer’s context menu, or to claim file types (extensions). Now the application may not connect to the Internet itself. But, since it has meddled with Explorer & Explorer is the parent process of Firefox, then CFP will issue a pop-up alert warning that X application did Y to Explorer (the parent of Firefox). This is the very same method that many leaktest applications use to circumvent firewalls & communicate with the Internet. However, once you have allowed (remembered) the relationship you will not be prompted again by CFP unless something changes.

There are steps you can take to limit the amount pop-ups that you receive from CFP. You can set CFPs Alert Frequency Level (Security tab - Advanced - Miscellaneous) to Very Low and set How many alerts at a time should be generated? to 1.

I hope this helps.