keeps bringing up dial up box

Hi, i have noticed that comodo keeps bringing up my dial up connection box every so often. This becomes quite annoying especially when trying to play a game, or if i am busy with something. I am not on the net when it tries to bring up the connection box. I am using win xp. Any help appreciated as to why this is happening.

Welcome to the forums, luccidity!

I’m not sure what you mean by “dial up box”. I’m presuming you are talking about the Windows network connection prompt to initiate a connection. CFP doesn’t have any facility with such a function, as it simply passes network traffic and blocks that which is selected to be filtered out.

Have you looked into the CFP logs to see if there is anything listed? Probably not, as the packets are trying to get out, which means it passed the CFP filters. But there might be something else listed that might give a hint as to what is going on. To get to the CFP log, click Activity → Logs. If you’re not sure of anything in the logs, you can post a screenshot of your log here.

Thanks for the reply. I uninstalled comodo firewall and the connection box never came up once in the two days i had it uninstalled. I put comodo back on and the box comes back up again. Im not sure what to do know.

Any help appreciated.

That very strongly suggests that CFP is doing something to initiate a network connection, which would cause a dial out attempt.

Check these settings: click Security → Advanced, Miscellaneous, Configure. At the bottom of the windows that opens, there are 4 checkboxes. Two of those checkboxes are for automatic updates. If either of the two boxes for “Automatically check” are marked, then clear that checkbox.

I’m making a guess that CFP is trying at intervals to do an automatic update. And that’s not something that really should be done on a dialup line.

Check this setting in Internet Explorer> Tools> Internet Options> Connections tab. Below Choose Settings if you need… select Never Dial a connection. Click OK and restart Internet Explorer. Note: This will NOT affect your ability to dial-up a connection when you choose to.