Keeps asking about Firefox [Resolved]

We have four PCs in our home, all more or less similar: XP SP2, Firefox recently updated to, and Comodo v2.2.0.11. But on one of those PCs (happens to be a laptop), ever since Firefox updated, Comodo repeatedly asks about whether it should allow Firefox “to act as a server”, in addition warning that Firefox’s cryptographic signature has changed. (Presumably the latter refers to the fact that Firefox updated itself on Sunday.) By “repeatedly”, I mean four or five times each time you want to go to a new website in the same Firefox window (without even opening a new window, much less re-starting Firefox).

Why should we be seeing this misbehavior on this one PC, and more importantly, what can we do about it?

Mike Maxwell


A family member of mine who uses Comodo Personal Firewall recently had the same problems with the Firefox update. He fixed it by uninstalling then reinstalling Firefox.

Well, we discovered another fix. We turned off Firefox, then went into Comodo and removed all the entries for Firefox (some of which said ‘block’, and others ‘allow’). Then re-started Firefox. Comodo asked nicely twice, and since then it has behaved.

Great! I would recommend you edit the title of your post to [resolved] at the end of your posts title. That way other users will know that this problem has been fixed here and won’t have to put another post or go looking around.

Thanks :smiley: