keeping hackers out and logging their activity

I was wondering if there is a special rule I have to put in my firewall in order to prevent any hackers from attempting to get into my firewall and my computer. I think someone in the past mentioned something about this setup:


  1. Block
  2. Protocol IP
  3. Direction in
  4. Any

Is this correct or is this no longer necessarily?

Didn’t we cover this before - Will my own rule in global rules override the default ones?

I think so, but I just want to make sure because It doesn’t seem like the global rules would help keep the hacker out, unless I am mistaken. To me, anyway, it seems like that rule might be able to have some better effect, but it could just be me.

I think I said before, the first thing any potential attacker will have to do, is get through the router. If they manage that, they then have to find something to exploit on your PC. By blocking all unsolicited connections, the attacker will need to find a weakness in one of you active processes. It’s really going to take a concerted effort, so unless you have something extremely important to protect, you pretty well covered.