keeping firewall rules after upgrading from 3011 to 3025 ?

(fixed topic title)

I upgraded to 3025 but my “network security policy” rules are gone.

is there any way presently to restore those rules after upgrading?

if not, i’d highly appreciate this

Unfortunately not - the internal architecture of V3 is totally and radically different to V2. Once it is out of alpha/beta, it will have the ability to import and export configurations. This is on one of the miscellaneous screens, but the functon is disabled in the alphas.

Ewen :slight_smile:

edit - DOH!? I originally said V3 is totally and radically different to V3

no no no,

i actually upgraded from 3011 to 3025.

my 3011 rules are missing in 3025, and i’m wondering if its possible to restore my 3011 rules in 3025.


aye, nevermind :slight_smile:

i found where they’re kept in the registry

AS I guess you figured out hte fire wall rules a re in
HKLM/SYSTEM/Software/Comodo/Firewall Pro/Configurations/0/Firewall
Defense Plus are in
HKLM/SYSTEM/Software/Comodo/Firewall Pro/Configurations/0/HIPS

this is set up for multiple configs(HKLM/SYSTEM/Software/Comodo/Firewall Pro/Configurations/0) I think it is a feature form the wish list :BNC I hope. or it is from the import export settings in the MISC Settings not sure yet alls i know is it is a setup for Multiple configs.

So far I have only imported and exported from the same versions but I should work between versions but I would not count on it until it is at least in Beta


I don´t know what is 3011 and 3025.

Where i can see 3011 and 3025?


Means CFP Alpha v3.0.1.1 and v3.0.2.5. Just didn’t include the dots…