Keep Windows 10 From Spying

" Windows 10 could potentially collect a ton of data about you — probably more personal information than any operating system in history. "

Hopefully Comodo Firewall Can Block all Outgoing Traffic,
& you can select what gets access to the Internet. Especially the
Phone Home stuff.

You should also not select the Express Install for Win 10.

I turned everything off under Privacy Settings etc.

I have Cortana turned off, as well as Web Search.

You can sign into your Microsoft Account & Delete all Info Cortana has collected.

Do not run your system with a Microsoft Account,use a Local Account Setting.

I did all this because I don’t need or want any of this Microsoft ■■■■,I also turned off
all the Live Tiles & Unpinned them from the Start Menu as I will never use any of them.
Everyone uses a computer differently, so If you like all that stuff then set your computer up
the way you like.

Its my computer & I want full control of it. This is also why I am sticking
with Win 7 as my main OS. Microsoft is not hiding anything, just go through all
the settings & determine what is important to you.

If anyone is interested here is a great HD Podcast I watch every week…

Download SN519 The Windows 10 Privacy TradeOff…

For those with limited bandwidth etc. you can get other versions here…

before you freak on supposed security issues with Windows 10, keep in mind Android and iPhone have been doing this same thing for years now. In all honesty, there is very little security issue to be concerned with, and certainly nothing you can’t disable within Windows 10 itself. (This is not really a Comodo nor CIS issue)
I can’t locate the actual article I read explaining these issues to help you decide if you really should disable features, but read the following for some information (don’t believe all the misinformation going around).


I love my Blackberry :slight_smile: :-TU

The Topic is Privacy not Security

No misinformation for me just the facts.

I get all my Info from a reliable trusted source.

I will give that article a read when I have time.

Again, Microsoft is not doing anything different than Google or Apple with their OS.
Also, if you dig deep enough, you will discover a good chunk of what you are so worried about is really to allow other subsystems to function as you would like them to. Cortana as one example.

Just because Microsoft are following Google and Apple doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be made aware. When I upgrade to Windows 10 I will turn off most of the functions if that means gathering personal information. Certainly Cortana will be turned off.

this whole spying business has made me decide to get win8…after i get a new pc come november.

Hi Guys,
Other than the odd addition like ‘Cortana’, is there any real evidence that Win 10 is any less private than other Windows editions?
I remember seeing similar privacy concerns about previous editions of Windows at the time of release.


Hi captainsticks,

if you read my post above…you know its really a none issue.
I have always done a custom install. All that stuff under privacy is there to
give functionality to the Microsoft Apps like Cortana or it would not function.

I am coming from Win 7…so I did not need all that stuff before & i certainly do not
need it now. I don’t need things running on my system that I don’t use.

You can probably answer your own question if you were using Win 7 or 8 with Comodo
Firewall you could see what wanted access to the Internet. In Win 7 Error reporting could be

There is one setting in Privacy under Feedback etc. were you can only set it to Basic(Can not Disable) which sends data to Microsoft…but I already found a Hack to disable this as well.

There is no reason to abandon Win 10 as everything is out in the open & you have a Choice. If Microsoft was
doing all this without the users knowledge… Yes then we would have a real concern.

The greater concern is that this is a new OS which is still unfinished…& we really don’t know how secure
it will be. The biggest problem with it is the Forced Auto Updates…I would like to see it go back to
Win 7 style.

I agree, there is no additional privacy issues here. Even Win8/8.1 reported this information to Microsoft. But since Win8 did so poorly for Microsoft, very few people complained about it.
Windows 10 is fast becoming very popular as an OS. Therefore, more people are using it (not forced, but rather by choice), and suddenly we have all these complainers crying about privacy.
Since they/we are comfortable with Apple and Google collecting this same information, we really have no reason/issues with Microsoft continuing to collect this information, to greater enhance our user experience.
I myself wish the whiners would get over it. This is something that is an everyday fact of our lives. Be at peace with it.
You cannot stop Microsoft from collecting this information, save for actually shutting down your computers and NOT using them again.
If you do not wish to use a service, don’t. This is your choice. But by the same token, don’t whine to whoever you can these conspiracy theories. Hell, even your local drug store rewards cards do the same thing, and the drug stores sell this information to marketing and marketing research firms. Don’t believe me? Look it up. (Google is your friend). Its the reason I don’t use these rewards programs. But, I don’t complain about it. This is my choice not to. If you desire to use them, by all means, go for it. Freedom of choice for all.

Don’t come back saying you are not trying to take away my freedom of choice. You are pushing your views, even if ill-informed, on us. I read the news feeds concerning Windows10. Been doing so since April. Google is loaded with these feeds (from Microsoft and from around the world - non-Microsoft). I chose Windows 10 because I was informed, knew the (low) risks involved, and am looking forward to RedStone when it is released next year.

This is just too funny, here is a nice little break down of Win 10 Privacy for anyone that is
interested… :smiley:

I believe people really can achieve privacy if they really want it bad enough, Just one simple
example is your Comodo Firewall…You can do an audit of Win 10 by seeing what is asking for
access to the Internet…If you block outgoing traffic they really can’t get anything. Of course you
have to set your Firewall to Custom Ruleset.

Hi Cavct,
I still don’t see Win 10 as a lot different than Win 8/8.1 with privacy issues.

I guess it all boils down to what have we got to hide, if privacy is a deep concern for anyone then online interaction will always be a worry. :wink:

Kind regards.


I have had no real hands on experience with Win 8 so I really can’t
comment on that OS. Win 7 Pro 64 has been rock solid for me since day one.

People with no experience running with everything on default settings & using
the Windows Firewall are never going to care or know what is going on.

I have seen programs in Win 7 even when you set it to never Auto Update etc.
wanting Internet access…Comodo Firewall always alerts me. Those are the company’s that
really bother me because they do not disclose what they are doing.

Here is an interesting informative site if your interested in Privacy & locking down your system ;D

Thanks Cavct, I agree Win 7 is a great product. :slight_smile:

It may fine now but give it time :slight_smile:

1/5/10 years they will not just collect minor things like this, it will be everything you do.

Please do not say it will not happen I am afraid it will, all will be done for your safety.

Just like the state does now, the only thing stopping them at the moment is encryption but for how long will this last :slight_smile:



Sorry man but I have to go against the grain…It will not happen… ;D

Tell that to all the very skilled Hackers…they are catching them left & right
aren’t they??? :smiley:

Have yourself a privacy free day,its gettin scary out there. (:NRD)

At my age I would never say…It will not happen :slight_smile:

Too many things have happen over the years which I thought where impossible :slight_smile:

I am a great believer in fate if something is going to happen it will, if you happen to be in the right place at the right moment in time.

This has happen to me many times more than just coincident.

Of course there is the other side wrong place at the wrong moment, which you can look for if you try :slight_smile:

Going back to Topic there is always a way to do things, you may at this time think it is impossible.

Where there is a will there will be a way.


Latest news feed concerning the privacy issues, with many related links included.

I am now happy to report that I Can & I Have :-TU 8) :-TU

Yesterday I put the finishing Touches & Tweaks to My Win 10 Pro 64 Bit system.

I gave myself a well deserved pat on the back for a job well done. :wink:

Its my computer not Microsofts, & I want full control of my system which means no Auto anything.

I have fixed the Windows Auto Update Problem as well, it will now Notify me Before Download & Install.

I just love tinkering with a new OS. its so rewarding in the end to have done something no one else thought
was possible. 88)

If I had been on Windows 8.1 I would have upgraded without even thinking about it, but Win 7 Pro 64 is
a different story. Really glad I decided to put Win 10 on a 2nd Hard Drive.