Keep the nsc info and config pages available: critical for new users.

Hello all
Congrats to Comodo for acquiring BOClean and Kevin McAleavey’s services.
I have been BOClean user for 3 years, best deal ever for me
Unfortunately as we now know worst deal ever for NSC :frowning:

I have been reading all the threads scattered over the security boards and info sites and in particular the responses from Kevin McAleavey and his obvious enthusiasm recreated thanks to comodo and Melih without whom I realise NSC was about to become history :o

From some experience and some personal e-mails, imo KMcA is a great asset to the www.
He has stood up to whomever he believes has been detrimental to the best interests of the internet in his own inimicable fashion. Sadly he has paid a price recently and Nancy has been driven to despair.

To be honest I have only had a passing interest in Comodo and their products to now; as of now I will be keeping a closer eye on what Comodo will do with their new resource and I am very keenly waiting for the oft promised BOclean v5 which I now believe will become reality and likely fulfill many of our requirements for anti-malware.

Looking forward to what K can do with pe386. 8)

EP-XOFF of RkU and gmer have written really dreadful POC rootkits: GO GETTEM. Heh.
Am watching with interest to see how Comodo will best leverage the K. into the FW/AV/HIPS

New users to Comodo/BOClean will never regret installing this tool.
I see lots of high end users saying “what’s the point”, OK, fine for some: but particularly now what’s to lose. With a wider user base there will undoubtedly be a greater return for all.

Kevin may have to adjust his attitude to “free” tools LOL.

The time has come now to put aside any anxieties and get on with resetting BOClean in Comodo.

To finally address the thread title I would strongly recommend stickys or a permanent link to the old/revamped NSC site with a BIG “read this first label”
That is such a good link for example(been posted elsewhere here)

There is a truly great wealth of information at the NSC home site about history of malwares and development of BOClean: ( i cant find it at the moment but there was a good page about “BOClean: why the name” or such )

All of that info should be available permanently and preserved for posterity. K may even have time to update it now :smiley:

Even the HTA expoit (analysis from 7/2003) has recently resurfaced as a threat in XP: patched then unpatched !!

I hope some one will take on the duty to review organise and preserve this history.
It would be too sad and wasteful for all that effort to just vapourise.

If anybody is still reading this post: you want to know what a great tool Melih has resucitated in such an exciting way: go to the NSC home page and just read ALL the links for a while: then you will know.

Thanks for letting me have a little soap box session
See you when BOClean blows a BSOD on my box. LOL (oops first and last post (:LGH) )


August 1998: lost in time ? Back orifice NO JOKE

A little more history, our ‘friends’ have been around for a while

I’ll stop fiddling with this post now.

Actually, one of my own favorite bits was where Nancy and I went to Washington to appear before the Federal Trade Commission and we predicted everything that would come to pass if Microsoft were to be permitted to pursue “browser/OS integration” … to this day, I cannot fathom why a web browsing application had to become part of an operating system in the first place rather than the prior “standalone status.” In fact, when Judge Jackson and Larry Lessig went after them for lying about this in the first place in the Antitrust trial, it begat “Win98, busticated first edition” …

Interesting reading though … especially down near the end …


Thanks Kevin
I read it !!
Even more reason to archive all you’ve written and the PrivSoft library

…if we dont learn from history… :frowning: