Keep prompting for updates

I am running Version 3.8.64739.471 on a 32bit Vista laptop. Since the last update, each time I start the laptop, comodo firewall tells me there are updates available. Ask to install and the notification closes, but no network traffic is generated, nor anything installed.

When checking for updates manually, it tells me there are updates available. start the update process, UAC kicks in then it tells me there are no update available. I can do this 10 times in a row with the same result.

Does anyone have a solution for this problem?


I have a similar problem. Over the last few weeks Comodo has told me there was an update available 4 times. Each time it goes through an install process for some driver, then tells me I have to reboot. Furthermore, it’s constantly popping up balloons about updating the antivirus database, even though I have balloons disabled.