keep previous version Security settings in ver 3

Is it possible to keep all security settings (applications monitor, component monitor, etc.) from version 2 when upgrading to a new version 3 of Comodo Firewall? Also, I like an interface from version 2 much better than version 3. (L)

Hi roblee007

No, the settings of v-2 are not compatible with v-3. They are designed completely different. You should save your v-2 settings if you uninstall it in case you wish to re-install again. Version 3 on default will make all the necessary settings for you and all you will have to do is tweak them to your satisfaction later.

It seems that a full uninstall of v-2 in safe mode works the best for installing v-3.

Good luck


This then, friends, can hardly be called an “upgrade” (re: message box notifying of an “upgrade”), but I guess that’s a minor point given the havock this “upgrade” has wrought on so many a system.