Keep it in the Family


First of all, great product the Comodo FW! Second the registry tool messed up my pc, not so great! I would say keep it in the family; networking tools/products. I do miss an easy to use but detailed enough IP tracing/networking tool. In the past I installed a product like visualroute which satisfied partially my wishes.

Then why not improve more on the same? The FW still lacks a good reporting tool + log. Furthermore an option to add/delete/edit/block IP addresses (list) is also missing. Perhaps even going further down the line is to create a secured virtual private network based on the recognition of Comodo FW’s between users? Something like having a FW with added Skype (oops bad example probably) layer.

Will see, thanks for having this great Comodo FW product!


Hi AW!

Thanks for the suggestions. Regarding COMODO Registry Cleaner, A new version has been released here which adds bug fixes, Removes Compacting (People has problems with this), and Adds System Restore point before you scan, So before you scan you can create a System Restore point from there!

It would be nice to know your thoughts on the latest CRC for the development team on that product. :slight_smile: It seems to be a very good release.


Comodo doesn’t really believe in having multiple security layers (i.e. webshield, P2P shield, IM shield, mail scanner, etc) because once it is on the hard drive or memory, Comodo Anti-Virus should find it. But you may not have CAV installed…(but if so your AV should find it, even if it doesn’t have IM scanning)
And CFP is more for blocking/allowing incoming/outgoing connections, not scanning IM or Skype conversions.

Thanks 3xist for the updated Comodo registry tool recommendation. I followed your link and installed again. Works great up till now, Comodo seem to have fixed previous issues! Good work!

Jeremybost thanks for your reply. I’m not quite sure that my comment was intended for the reply you gave me. Thanks anyway. What I wrote needs more description and information, will come back on that.
Still the simple to operate and user defined log views is something I miss. I’m not quite sure about this: does the CFW display clearly an attack for example in the log? Also what I’ve seen with the new Outpost FW is an option to import/export IP tables/addresses to block.