Keep getting this Chinese text appear with CIS enabled

I click on my normal links/browsing habits and it appears several times a day. I disable CIS and it never appears. I had some strange redirects one day awile back. Switched to Google dns, no problem with redirects.

Any ideas?

��;o厾T�8瞾垁攄腰g8嶌糯K:c�@鈝e�4e鶆cL:鷪f驡b��诱覕B錨� 竀%┖~N棁,險�彟4姉靰潋闇鬘嶘t]䙡:"r`摢)q�.鵻繌.x�軛nR膘?W煾€’�a�&Z ┭0n]庶䦟+�p澶�a L遰酉1簔浛U傥�哾欰&宊IA ,4H�4�.k�w毃l �E濒}9e]u"�6,�9�趑 蟔�+7揍宾1潚闇 C骦H繌j闤鮪%"Ei%w喂�8:惽’M�(虨9蔭挙诅阛v�1僂�ya�’V樽鵉�擻JX,A=,螞汽�> 瀓羘职QB铲>嗋o|磖�堣芻蜯{羷3� /V勲棂鰨Z荸H膙�/t1$癈烫gTi墵a=熶踿幏鐏c�’oUP�(a忞U

PS, if someone could also post the best way to uninstall CIS that would be great as i currently still have it disabled, and there seems like there is different links for methods of uninstall.


Hello people,

I suspect nobody has an awnser for the chinese text stuff so can someone just advise me on how to completely uninstall CIS and Geekbuddy as one link seems to say just uninstall via control panel and there seems to be another uninstaller called revo, and another ‘‘unofficial’’ uninstaller.


You could follow this guide by Chiron: Comodo Forum


I see that link you gave me relates to re-installing Comodo.

If i want to just remove Comodo CIS and not re-install are you saying that using the conventional uninstall via control panel is NOT advisable, and i still should use those 3 removal tools?


I would say use the control panel to uninstall CIS and then run the removal tool (step 4) you downloaded in step 2 (I personally wouldn’t use Revo)