Keep getting same security warning

I frequently get a security warning for IE & adobe reader 7, no matter how many times I click always use this action. The ports change.


Then I recommend you go to the application causing this and allow it complete connection and we can see if that helps.

Just set up your application like I am setting up firefox in the screenshot.

I tried that for IE and Acrobat Reader, to no avail :(. Thanx anyway.

Hi tbl

I noticed on the image that you posted that you are running the Component Monitor in ON mode (ie. not in Learn Mode). On the next 2 successive pop ups of this kind, I would like you to take a screen shot of both the pop-up & the library pop-up (available by pressing the small Libraries button on the main pop-up). Since, you’re in ON mode CPF will always prompt for any new libraries being used/changed (DLLs). It’s possible the DLLs are actually different each time, depending on what Acrobat is doing & you’re having accept each one, one-bye-one as a consequence. Acrobat uses a fair number of DLLs.

BTW I assume you’re pressing “Allow” on each of these pop-ups?

Ok, ill do that next time.
BTW: I’m still using v2.1 if this makes any difference

Probably not. But, I’ve not run 2.1 extensively myself. So, I can’t be certain. However, I’m fairly sure the same Component Monitor behavior was prevalent in 2.1 as it is in 2.3.

There was a bug in 2.1 which can cause this issue. Why dont you update to the high performance version?