keep flushing dns cache and so slow anyway, want to uninstall

My computer is running very slow with Comodo DNS and I keep flushing the dns cache. I want to uninstall but can only find the instructions for vista and xp - I’m running win 7 hp.

How do I uninstall your DNS?

Are you doing anything to speed it up?

Also, does it conflict with host programs like mpvs hosts or hostsman, etc.?

Follow these steps except on the last step select “obtain dns server address automatically”

those are the steps for vista it doesn’t look like that. Also it’s for enabling not disabling.

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Hi cromaat,
The instructions for Win 7 and Vista are very similar.
DNS Win 7
Obtain DNS server address automatically is the correct setting in the final step to use your Default (ISP) DNS, which disables Comodo Secure DNS.