Keep failing GRC

I know comodo easily passes the GRC leaktest, but I’ve gone horribly wrong somewhere and cant figure out where.

I’ve configured the Firewall and D+ according to Kyle’s guides, and have both of them set to safe mode.

I tried renaming “leaktest” to both “explorer” and “firefox”, but I was never notified or asked by comodo whether or not to allow it, and the firewall was instantly penetrated.

  1. Downloaded to desktop
  2. Right click–> rename–> explorer (1rst attempt) / firefox (2nd attempt)
  3. Was asked by Windows if I trusted the publisher before running (was I supposed to say no maybe?)
  4. Clicked on test
  5. Firewall penetrated

I attempted to delete any possible entries, but I can’t seem to find anything related to leaktest in any of the log files/permission lists. Nor can I find the “firefox.exe” or “exporer.exe” spoofs. Where exactly should I be looking?

I read somewhere that it may be the FTP permission settings, and that I maybe allowing too much. What should be listed and/or what shouldn’t?

Thanks in advance.

Same thing here… :o
With just the firewall and many other configuration It would pass
because I would have the possibility to click yes or no , otherwise it is penetrated.

I don’t like it at all! :-\

Is there a way to go thru that simple test?


Do you have a DSL modem or router?

No, I’M directly connected to cable: Videotron. ( high speed)

Thanks, :frowning:

It maybe that your ISP has a firewall, also what ports fail the test?

With Leak Test >:(
No port was mentionned, the firewall was simply penetrated.

But that was ok with shield up. ( from S.Gibson too …) every port were stealth! ;D


I found out why, it seams that the GRC leak test is a marked as a safe file, so the firewall lets it right trought, if you want the firewall to ask you set the Firewall Security level to Custom Policy Mode

I really think it’s because of my configuration,
I’ve got it set at: Firewall: Safe mode, Defenses : PC clean
and Configuration: Proactive security,
with parental control, so no alarm at all.

I’ll keep it this way. It pass Shield up,(from Steve Gibson) that’s okay.
Every ports are stealth .

Thanks , for myself the post can be closed !

Unless the OP requests it, this thread stays open.
I am happy you are satisfied with your results, though.