Keep CIS Running After Completed Update

It’s always bugged me that when CIS finishes updating and I select No at the Restart Now prompt, CIS closes, though I usually end up relaunching it so it stays running till I complete my current task.

Is there any particular reason for this behavior?

I agree…I assume that CIS is not protecting me when it shuts down.
So, I have 3 choices:
1)reboot now
2)Keep using my computer, but do so without the protection of CIS.
2)Keep using my computer, but must restart CIS to get protection.

This makes no sense to me. It would be better to keep CIS running until reboot (so the computer is never without protection)! If necessary, a reminder could pop up every 5 minutes telling the user that restart is needed to finish installation.

I assume the same, although from my experience, Comodo still pseudo-works. From what I can tell, Comodo will still operate in the last mode it was in (Paranoid, Safe, etc), and will follow your rulesets, but it will not provide the security prompts. It will automatically deny what should be prompted. You can test this by deleting the rule set for one of your programs, closing Comodo completely, then trying to run it. It should say the program is not valid (Although it may not unless you’ve got the execution control jacked up like me).

As long as cmdagent.exe and cfp.exe are still showing in your task manager, I believe you’re still protected. I discovered this early on when I was trying to troubleshoot an application that wasn’t operating correctly and continued to have access blocked even with the application closed.

You need to actually stop these services from starting with Windows in order to completely disable Comodo.