Keep asking for right even if "skip parent"

I have set all applications to “skip parent”, but still it asks for right much to often. Why doesn’t this work. If I have set right for a port with “skip parent” then I don’t want it to ask again each time there is a new parent. This is terribly annoying. Can’t someone fix it (or must I go back to ZA)?


Welcome to the forums! Sorry you’re having trouble with the “skip parent” feature. Other users have experienced this as well, and it has been reported to Comodo. Comodo has shown themselves to be very diligent in following up on user issues, and integrating solutions into version updates. The next version of the firewall, v 2.4, is due out (if all goes according to plan) January 2007; it is possible that this will be addressed in that release (no guarantees, though).