Keep an alert on screen for maximum (n) seconds

I’ve searched the forum and found some other questions relating to this, but not my specific question – although I may have missed it.

I was running a very long scan (another program, not previously used so no prior firewall/defense learning about what is safe) and was interrupted and had to leave my computer – and while I was gone, an alert, generated by the scan program, came up and was blocked since I wasn’t there – which caused my scan to abort (which was a couple hours into it already)

Is there a way to avoid this? Like some way to make the alert just stay there with no action taken, until the user does something? I’m sure there’s a way to do this, but I haven’t found it yet (like adding some sort of number to the “how long” field? or leaving it blank?)



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Hi, thanks for the welcome!

So, I know where the setting is, but what I’m trying to do is make it so CFP MUST wait (however long it takes) for input from the user before taking any action.

That’s the exact setting you were seeking, no ???. You can set it as high as 999 seconds, which is 16.65 minutes. Beyond that, you would have to post in the wishlist.

Hmmm… except I was away from my computer for an hour… that’s the thing.

That’s why I suggested that if you want some higher or no limit (if that’s even possible), the wishlist is the place

You can set the defense alerts longer since this was not mention if that is any help.

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I guess my point has not gotten through.

My two pence worth…

You have two options with regards to this.

Either set the program you are using to scan your computer as “Trusted” in Defense+ and in Network Policy or alternatively, disconnect from the internet and put both to Training Mode whilst you do your scan.

Otherwise, mention it in the firewall Wishlist.