KAV 8.0 and Firefox 3.0 Crashing

Well Firefox just crashed again. Oh well. I never understood why you need to tweak a virus scan to make it work. I might go back to NOD32. Uncheck evey port or just HTTP?

Ok I did all those you said and the eicar test site failed. I was able to click on the files and download them.

Ok honestly I want to keep KAV but its hard living with Firefox crashing. I do hope this is fixed soon. I was typing this message and it crashed again. Twice in 10 minutes.

Vett - you jump around and don’t know what to choose - NOD32, Avira, Avast, KAV. You use Avira and say that NOD32 is almost as good as ■■■■, then you pick Avast and say - wow ! great web scanner but after a while you drop it for KAV and then say KAV sucks - it’s incompatible with anything and revert to NOD32 and then again to KAV ;D

Just make your decision ! They all are good, there is no BEST !

■■■■, wait then for stable patch “C” release, I don’t use FF3, some extensions I using in FF2 does not work in FF3 yet…
Above mesures is for non web scanning, if you uncheck port80 completely HTTP traffic (web pages and everything similar downloads) will not been scanning in Kaspersky local proxy, so I modified resident scanner to scan on access (when files appear on disk), in other words if you disable for instance port 110 your mail will be not scanned, so there is no use of mail scanner, if you disable port 80 web scanner is useless, but with above (in pictures) settings you are completely safe.

Not true Commodus if you followed my posts. I was along time user of NOD32 then I tried Avira Premium 8 and I liked it. Used it for awhile but every 4th or 5th boot up the “umbrella” never opened. So I went back to Avast for the time being but I hate the GUI. So after all the hype about KAV I thought I would try it but now I dont know. My pc runs great with NOD32 so I think that’s where I am headed.

I’m sorry if I offended you :-[, but if NOD32 worked flawlessly for you for a long time, why change it ? Because Avira got some good results in some tests ? NOD gets good results also, KAV too. Of course - times change so you need to keep track of the antivirus test results, but you don’t need to change them so often :slight_smile: They all have their pluses and minuses.

About the Avira’s umbrella not showing up - you said that your have the same OS installment for 5 years now. Maybe it’s time to do a reformat and a fresh install ? :slight_smile:

Very strange, try to reboot

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Nah. The umbrella not opening is a problem for alot. Check there fourms. No reason to reformat. It will take me weeks to get my pc back to normal. Actually probably a month after I redownload and reinstall everything. Thanks for all the help sal but I am Revoing KAV and putting back NOD32. Yes Commodus Avira always coming out on top hate a play in me using it.

I got that result for only the .com file and not all the others.

No reformat, restart/reboot - “Cause to load (an operating system) and start the initial processes”
according to wordweb dictionary
Sorry for misunderstanding, my Aenghleeze if very poor

Edit: check “scan archives”, I explained it to you already in post no.19

Forget that 88)