KAV 8.0 and Firefox 3.0 Crashing

Anyone experiencing crashes using KAV 8.0 and Firefox 3.0. Has happened tons of times and I posted something in the KAV forums. eXPerience? What about you?

Ok forget it back to Avast. Now I know why I always hated KAV. Never works right.

Want me to lock this one for you?

Yeah sure.

Just got a reply about Firefox crashing from the KAV forums and a modder said they are working on it.

If you are interested in what they working on, change update server to:
It is update server with beta content (which will apply patch C on stable release) where they testing things and resolve issues…(see pic for how to) :slight_smile:

BTW, with patch C from that server, FF3 issue is resolved

BTW1, Kaspersky 2009 series is not yet released for UK and US market so IPs from that region of the world will see only Kaspersky 7 series of products on official Kaspersky site

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Vettetech have you tried disabling the behavior scanner ?

KAV have Proactive Defense (behavioral protection), if you run it along with other HIPS based protection your system can be unstable.

Also if you don’t want to uninstall Comodo in the first place, follow this link


Kaspersky 2009 problem with FF3 is known and confirmed many times on their forum, patch from above beta server should solve that problem…

I didn’t have problems with KAV and Comodo. KAV 09 is still beta and needs work. Will this patch fix the browsing speed and boot up issues? Am I better off waiting for KAV 09 to be official?

357 is final and official release, patch C from that server is a beta.
Sorry to hear browsing and boot speed issue, I didn’t have it before like I don’t have it now, but they solved some speed issue for some users on KAV/KIS beta forum, I think I saw some posts there about that…

Which patch is patch “c”. I cannot change my update server. Also should I disable KAV’s proactive defense so it doesn’t interfere with Comodo’s D+?

Click on add (see pic. above) and paste link (see pic. down) in the window you get, move it up in the list (see pic. above) and uncheck “Kaspersky Lab’s update servers”

You have practically the same functionality in the D+ like in the PD, but PD have maybe more “intuitive” description and tagging, you will get completely accurate prompts from D+, so for better compatibility I recommend disabling PD.

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Cool thanks but where is the link to paste? I cannot copy and paste a picture. LOL.

How come the modders over at KAV arent telling me this?

See picture down.
Link to paste:

If PD running fine with D+ that is great, but if you value resources disable it…

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Ok great thanks. Your alot of help and I will disable PD in KAV and keep D+ in Comodo up and running. :BNC

Hope this addresses Firefox from crashing. I will let you know.

Ok I did the updates. Now I have version (a,b,c) . Ok one other question. I like having a web shield cause I surf the dark side from time to time but will I gain anything or lose security if I shut off some of these port monitoring?

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I think COMODO monitors them, so you don’t need KAV to do that :slight_smile:

Yes Vet, uncheck all ports and do according these pictures:

check eicar then…

Note: of course if you want only live malware to be scanned you don’t need to scan archives in real time (uncheck “scan archives” it is hard for processor), but you will not pass archived/zipped eicar, only after you extract it will be detected in that case…