Kaspersky vs Comodo

With Kaspersky having default deny, dynamic white listing, application control (the same as Comodo auto-sandbox) - which one is better? I have a license key 365 for Kaspersky 2014, but currently use Comodo, should I change or stick?

Melih’s answer would be the best answer here IMHO

But my guess would be Kaspersky charges some $$$ and COMODO gives you all that for free…

I wouldn’t go for a A vs B here…simply use what you are comfortable with.

according to me if you have a license key for kespersky then use kespersky because they are really concern about their product and i heard many positives things about their antivirus. if i would have a license then i would use kespersky and for the free antivirus comodo internet security premium is good.

Thanks for all you’re replies. I am one for changing my mind, Comodo then Kaspersky so I just thought I’d get a clear consensus from other(s).

Use whichever one you want. I use kaspersky currently. Its great. But comodo Is amazing also. Whenever my license expires, or when it stops detecting stuff, ill remove it and install CIS. And ill be getting the Complete version with tech support, as They provide 24/7 tech support, which even with a paid antivirus, you dont always get that without paying extra.

Comodo feels confident enough to give warranty against infection.
Because we trust our innovation and security that we provide.


Well I think this says all :slight_smile:

This says everything about your product too. I use it in A Virtual Machine to test malware, And it has always run it restricted, and come back with it being malicious. So Comodo does what most antiviruses do not. Avast didnt block most of the stuff that ran on my system. Comodo sandboxed it with the auto sandbox feature and then alerted me to it being malicious. Which i used to recommend avast, But no longer. It didnt protect my host system well enough for me to recommend it. Comodo Did though. So I say Avast is kind of bad. Comodo told me there were infections in my temp folder, which running the file through virus total detected malware. It was Rotbrow, As MSE detected it in the scan as that. And it started displaying advertisements, with iffy links. Which running the links through virustotal came back with malicious sites being detected.

I think thats just awesome. Comodos like bring it on.

This warranty is only available in the US (not worldwide).
For other countries, the difference between Kaspersky and Comodo is that we get the same (Default Deny) for free.

I thought they changed that some while ago?

But the warranty is still only for the paid version, is it not?

Golden words. 88)

Also when you can’t decide reg security features look at performance (faster PC response, etc).

Nope, just verbally COMODO says that the warranty has been made available worldwide. However, the license still shows only for US (and yes, only for paid version).

If I’ve to compare & switch like that I’d install qihoo 360 with Comodo
They’ve Bitdefender virus database Also they’ve usb guard, webguard & Mini Sandbox.
It’s nice to have double sandbox in my pc. Oh can even install Cameyo if I want a triple sandbox.
Don’t forget that Comodo can coexist up with some another antivirus without conflicts.

I also have Malwarebytes, Norman Malware Cleaner, ESET Online Scanner(Use instead Nod32)
Clamwin, MSE, CMC in my sleeves. I’ve set many traps in my pc.
If not enough I can activate toolwiz time freeze reverse files back to time like deep freeze.
My pc securities start to look like multiple space labyrinth. :P0l

As a general principle we advice against two security solutions of the same kind at the same time as conflicts are likely to arise and diminished security more than likely the result.

Layering, using different sort of applications, is what we advice.