kaspersky internet security and superanti spyware pro realtime scanners conflict

is there a known instance of this !ot!

Hi darthfirefox ,

The instance of what? ??? 88)
Can you be more specific, please

Please post the specifications of your System & what modules of CIS (including the version) you are running currently

I’m pretty sure you did not mean an instance of “offtopic”… but … it sounds like that :wink:

My regards

I recommend excluding SuperAntiSpyware definitions files in Kaspersky AND excluding Kaspersky definitions files from SuperAntiSpyware

In version 2011. Kaspersky is fully incompatible with Superantispyware. http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208281996 :frowning:

this can be locked i had to unistall KIS cuse of the cpu usage but i got comodo so im good :comodorocks: