Kaspersky, AVG, avast! Norton only Cleaning Products

Melih stated in several video’s that antivirus companies started as cleaning products, and they still are today. I am struggling to agree/understand that statement, because if that’s true, millions of people would not rely upon their antivirus software to protect them e.g., I am a cooperate enterprise, I deploy Kaspersky endpoint security to protect all software, keeps hackers away from confidential documents, the UK government use antivirus software, are they not protected. Plus,

Melih states that these antivirus vendors, who failed in protecting your PC, are going to be no better in cleaning the malware from your system – is this true?

Secondly, Comodo is pure protection and Comodo Cleaning Essentials is for infected PC’s yet CCE as only available on the Comodo forum, not on the website so how could people access it?

My question – Does Kaspersky, Norton, AVG, avast! Provide protection against online threats (protection) or do they only clean a PC after it becomes infected?

Hi Tony,
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In the current situation so much malware gets made it is for no AV solution possible to keep up with at any given point in time. Also heuristic detection and generic av signatures are falling short. Add to that the average short life span of a computer virus is 27 hrs you can understand this battle is one that is hard to put up with.

With CIS unknown programs get limited to the extend that however they run they are not able to make permanent changes to your system. It is a proactive approach.

To use the bounder analogy a user once made (and adapted to the current situation with the sandbox):

  • When on black list (av definition or heuristics) you don’t come in
  • When on the white list (with invitation) you get all freedom
  • When unknown you go on the leash until we figured you out

An av is always running after the facts. It will miss new viruses by definition as there are no definitions for that; notice that heuristics and generic signatures are all but perfect. With signature based solutions you will get infected first and then you hope for a cure.

With a proactive approach you are unlikely to get infected.