Kaspersky Av (Again!!)

First, thanks for fixing the previous issue of kaspersky not being able to autoupdate.

however, i now have another issue with kaspersky and cpf.

as soon as i start my machine, cpf pops up saying that kaspersky willnot communicate with it.

and then i get another similar warning as soon as connect to the internet.

this happens every bootup and on on every new connection.

ive tried adding all the kaspersky program files as trusted programs but this doesnt cure it.

also, cpf seems to forget settings for individual programs. i get a popup asking if i want to allow a particular program access, and i tick the box to remember the setting, then click yes.

then, in the next session, the same program goes for net access and the same warning pops up.

is cpf forgetting what its been told?

Kaspersky AV does not allow any other program to control its behavior so that CPF is raising “… refuses to communicate popup” each time. Since it refuses to communicate, CPF has no way of knowing if it is a rootkit or a legitimate program.

We will be looking at “CPF forgets answers” case.

Thank you,

as the popup correctly identifies which program is refusing to communicate with cpf (it tells me that its kavsvc.exe in the popup), and i have specifically allowed this program within cpf, could cpf then not ignore all alerts generated by it?

Current version of CPF( needs users’ consent for such a suspicious behavior. The next releases of CPF are coming with pretty big improvements, the most of which are compiled from your feedbacks.

Thank you for the cooperation,


I would like to say that I too have this problem with CPF complaining about Kaspersky, so I vote for a fix. :slight_smile: