kaspersky antivirus 8.0

i have to say this new version of this AV is very good and works really faster than version 7.0

I agree with that ailef. :slight_smile: Works like a charm and it has a built in vulnerability scanner 8)

The only bad thing I can come on is the firewall in KIS if you do automatic mode it failes most of the test. (interactive is still doing good :))

Also lower on recourses than previous versions (:CLP)


Can you install it without uninstalling Comodo yet? The incompatibility of KAV is crazy. The site is still showing 7.0.

I call it not an incompatibility mode. ;D I call it a fool-proof mode. I think Kaspersky tries to protect people from incompatibilities. Cos I read a lot of posts about how a dude tried to install Norton Internet Security next to McAfee Internet Security and then got suprised, cos his comp was srewed up. ;D So Kaspersky tries to prevent this IMO. You can think differently ofcourse :a0

KAV have Proactive Defense (behavioral protection), if you run it along with other HIPS based protection your system can be unstable.
What is not understandable about that?
If you have 3rd party HIPS do not install PD, very simple…

yep still same prob, u have to uninstall comodo to install KAV then reinstall comodo.
but after it works fine on both xp and vista.

… and problem is solved

KAV is a great AV, But still… Even in v8, a big incompitable list… I was hoping they would off taken this into consideration, Not work arounds, Which are hard the for Newbie user.


I can’t install Kaspersky because it keeps asking for a restart :THNK

What is asking for a restart? I just installed KAV 09 and its fine. I uninstalled Comodo first.

Go to the windows registry and then under “HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run” see if there’s an entry that has avp on it. Delete it.

I agree. Im using Kaspersky Internet Security 8 & the scan is much faster.

Yesterday I was going to test the final of version of Kaspersky for a friend. I say was because I didn’t, and I’ll let you know why in a minute.

So, my friend asks me how the new KAV performs and how it looks (not just the main GUI but also how the settings are shown). I told him they were more simple than ever. There could have been some changes but it would be pretty much the same thing (I tested the latest BETA version).

Now, why did I not test it? Well, simply because after installing it and rebooting it it gave me BSOD. Not one but around 10 BSODs. I didnt try any longer. The curious thing is that the only thing installed on the system was the system it self (Windows Vista). I performed the test on a Virtual Machine, but I doubt it had anything to do it that because I had also tried the Beta version on a VM before and it worked fine. I guess it has something to do the with the final release.

Initially the VM only had 800MB, so I increased the ammount to 900MB. The system would be stable for a while (1 to 2 minutes).

And a lot of people are also having problems with BSOD (on real machines) for what I can see in their forum.

I don’t even want to imagine how it would be like if my friend was going to buy the product and then something like that would happen. A refound? Knowing him, he would freak out and kill all the flies arounf him (:AGY) … (:AGL)

Today, I am going to download the latest version from the builds section of their web site and see if it goes well.

Has anyone had this same experience?

KAV 8.0 is still beta and it was causing Firefox 3.0 to crash all the time for me. Also my pc booted up slower. I am keeping NOD32.

Don’t worry. They gonna fix it. Patch C is almost ready and later there will be a MP1 release :slight_smile:

Later on I am going to test the version nct (not completely tested) and see how it goes.

I don’t think kav 8.0/2009 is still in beta, otherwise they wouldn’t be selling (Home Computer and Mobile Security Software (2023) | Kaspersky ) it already.

Why not ? It’s business. Even the official .357 has some disturbing bugs for some people (I haven’t experienced any, except high memory usage while scanning large archived files, but I guess that’s normal).

Good point!! Forgot about that fact. For a moment I thought we lived on a perfect world :wink:

Althought, I must say I do not agree with such policies … but well it’s business as you well mentioned.

It would be boring if we lived in a perfect world, nice though ;D
Still - Kaspersky is one of the best in the market (if not the best). They sell their products and want to earn money. But the best thing is - they don’t hide that they do it for money :slight_smile:
We earn $, but we will provide you with the top-notch security products. That’s it !