Kaspersky Antivirus 2014 keeps crashing - is it Comodo's fault?

I’ve been using Comodo Firewall (without the Antivirus) for a long time, and for the past year, I’ve been Comodo with Kaspersky Antivirus without any problem.

This year, I again bought a license for Kaspersky Antivirus 2014, but after installing it, Kaspersky keeps crashing. It crashes as soon as it is run. I’ve made a thread on the Kaspersky forum here:


The reply I got was to remove Comodo, but I don’t want to do that. I’m already aware that Kaspersky lists Comodo as one of the softwares which is incompatible with its own program.

Is there any setting tweak in Comodo or Kaspersky that will make both softwares run?


If Kaspersky lists Comodo as being incompatible with it, than it’s probably best to remove Comodo Firewall. I believe that some AV companies actually put code in their products to prevent them from working if you have other security software.

Also, I read your Kaspersky forum post, why do you use Sandboxie when you can use to Comodo Sandbox? Maybe try removing Sandboxie, than Comodo and seeing what helps? Comodo already offers a sandbox where you can right click a browser icon on your desktop and run it isolated.

My recommendation: Remove Comodo firewall, maybe you can ask the Kaspersky forum members what firewall they recommend to compliment Kaspersky Antivirus? I don’t know if anyone here would recommend keeping both Kaspersky and Comodo Firewall, but I know I certainly don’t.

Good luck on whatever you choose to do!

Side note: try disabling the Defense plus in Comodo Firewall since Kaspersky give you great protection with unknown programs and the Defense plus will certainly conflict with that. And I personally have had issues with Antilogger Free, try removing that. You already have the best protection with Kaspersky and Comodo, Antilogger seems like an unneccessary drag on your pc.

*Also Viruscope in Comodo is known to cause issues, its best to disable it if it’s enabled.

I haven’t removed Comodo or anything else yet.

The reply in the Kaspersky forum asked me to install Kaspersky AV 2015, so that’s what I did. I’m just posting here what I posted there.

I downloaded Kaspersky Antivirus 2015, removed Kaspersky Antivirus 2014 by using the Kaspersky removal tool in Safe Mode, and then installed Kaspersky AV 2015 and updated it. I rebooted twice: the crash problem is solved, it stays, it also scans.

When the computer has booted up, I can see the Kaspersky icon in the system tray, and when I click it, I get the loading image:


Does this mean that it starts only when I manually click it, or that it starts up with Windows, but loads its main screen only when I click it?

I checked in msconfig’s startup tab, and CCleaner’s Startup list, Kaspersky is not present as a startup item at all. And yet every time I boot the computer, Kaspersky starts up.

On the right click menu of any file, only the “Scan for viruses” is available. The options “Check reputation in KSN” and “Kaspersky Application Advisor” are both greyed out, and nothing happens when I click them.