Kaspersky Anti-Virus Source Code Leaks Online

It seems that the source code for one of Kaspersky’s security suite products has been leaked online and is available for download from torrent and file hosting websites.

WoW that’s something. I find it funny that kaspersky doesn’t say anything. But I guess that they want to kill this rumor by ignoring the subject.

Thanks for the info; it was fun and interesting to read.

Take care Lordraiden

Valentin N

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Thanks, now I can start my AV company ;D ;D

That’s gotta suck :-[
If anyone in kaspersky is reading this,
We can help by ignoring the leak, and if someone is willing to post the code, We won’t tolerate that here.
While you guys are in competition with each other, we can help by not allowing any leaking code to come on this forum

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I wouldn’t use a security software that its code among cyper criminals hands :slight_smile:

:-TD it started with hacking their american website and redirecting all the visitors to a rogue LOL that’s just fine work , by the hackers of course.< let’s all admit it ;D!! and then , the code got leaked !! ?

what a drama ;D

Eh; most likely it begins with a unfairly treated employee :stuck_out_tongue:

That or an employee that was paid to such act :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats horrable to see… Comodo and Kapsersky have been the two best in the Anti everything for some time now… :frowning:

Kaspersky are seeming to become rather sloppy with their security measures, quite ironic considering the type of product they make.