kaspersky 2012 beta released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it looks like it’s from the future!!!

- YouTube :o :o

You’re talking about the soundtrack aren’t you?

not just that the whole thing in general kaspersky has like 1 million options i was getting confused just looking at the video.

i personally like the current ui way more

The UI is much more userfriendly.
The really interesting feature is their Cloud Scaning tehnology… any idea on how it works?

Their GUI is marvellous (this is my opinion).

:smiley: Good one! :-TU
Not commenting on Kaspersky , but speaking of the soundtrack !ot! -I found it being quite ordinary & pretty annoying


That’s some darn boring techno music… ;D !ot!

+1… :-TD

Very rudimentary.

Plain ordinary commentary might have had a more positive effect.
Edit-Spelling error

Captain, you are getting more serious than necessary, man ;D Take it easy. Cheers!

Hi SiberLynx. !ot! On a serious note, I’m not a serious type person. :-\ Maybe a little at times.
All the best. :slight_smile: