Kaspersky 2012 and comodo firewall

I can not install kaskersky antivirus 2012 if i have comodo firewall. can anyone help me with this i want both in my computer.

Kaspersky isn’t compatible with Comodo.


According to Kaspersky forums, Comodo is not allowed because it’s being read as internet security, not just the firewall.

I uninstalled Comodo firewall, installed Kaspersky 2012, then reinstalled Comodo firewall. Everything seems to be working properly without any incompatibility issues.

“if you install Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012, the following products are always detected and automatically deleted”

i get it right? i install their antivirus, and it will uninstall my firewall automatically?

i would call that protection… ehm… wait :smiley: