JVM Fails to start, Comodo blocks JVM execution. Solution Needed.

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LandlordMax 6.05b Software conflict with Comodo Firewall (CIS)

Comodo blocks LandlordMax 6.05b software from starting up / running.

Error Message: JVM could not start, max. heap size too large or Firwall could block execution.

I tried setting Firewall to training mode & even turned off the firewall / shut down the firewall.
This did not solve the problem. The only way is to uninstall the firewall. LandlordMax uses Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

anywone can email me directly at rolfbersas@yahoo.com if they have an answer. I will check this posting as well.

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thanks Rolf

Could you try to disable CIS completely, that is D+, firewall and AV? It seems that the issue is not related to CIS, but disabling all components will confirm.


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It sounds more like a Defense + problem to me. To do completely disable D+ go to Defense + → Advanced → Defense + settings → now tick “Deactivate Defense + permanently (requires a system restart)” and reboot. Does that help?

When it doesn’t help can you show us screenshots of your Defense + logs (Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + Alerts) and Firewall logs (Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Alerts)?

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