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Not sure if you caught this question in another conference? Just wondering (:AGL)

Re: Big OS Switch
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Melih, In reading the comments above, about the Internet and the Moon. started me wondering again

Wondered if any Security Software is used to protect the “International Space Station” And all that they do, especially with the Internet ?

Could [size=12pt]Comodo be of assistance (:NRD)
Oh for those that follow space flight, my wifes Sister in Law’s cousin is Peggy Whitson !

Never met her, but have been following NASA TV, and I grin because almost daily in the last two weeks she gets questioned either about how it feels about being the First Woman Commander of the International Space Station, or if she needed to use the whip yet! Oh she left the whip back on Earth.


Interesting :slight_smile:

we are of course more than happy!

You never know what you can find out in the space :slight_smile: You always need a good protection :slight_smile: