just wondering if any one can help with this...

alittle something I’ve noticed is that some games can be ’ oversecure ’ … mainly games that use game guard … comodo seems to be triggering the games defense for some reason or another [ I think because the anti hacker program also acts as a temporary security system and conflicts with comodo ] the game runs fine if comodo is uninstalled… :-[ … and no amount of adding to safe list , exiting program or setting instillation mode helps… any one know of any possible way I could use both :smiley: ?

I am useing COMODO Internet Security

Its have been gone over lately, the reason is becasue game guard tries to unhook comodo, and comodo will not let it do that. Basically it tried to stop comodo and that is not good. Game guard has to come up with better drivers or something to resolve this problem. you should contact them, the more people complain the faster they should fix the problem.