Just when all was OK....I can no longer use Comodo...[Resolved]

Hi all, I recently put in an e-mail request to Comodo on this but perhaps someone can help me. Now, I recently put in a new hard drive in my HP pavilion desktop , 512w. I went from Maxtor to Western digital, 80 gig. I reinstalled XP home. Now, I tried to set up Comodo from the saved .exe I downloaded and put to disk. It ran and set up alright and then it says, Comodo will be closing, if you are upgrading or uninstalling click YES\NO. It will repeat this process until everything is closed, perhaps 4 to 6 times. I had almost nothing installed on the computer besides a couple of essentials and FAR less than when running Comodo before. So, I redownloaded Comodo, put in the new registry key and thought this may do it but it didn’t and I recieved the same error, shutdown message. Here is what I could get from the message error…

AppName: cpf.exe AppVer: ModName: unknown

ModVer: Offset: 77657269

I went over every configuration in my pc, nothing except for a new install, all updates, etc…Nothing explains this so currently I am running Sunbelt Kerio which I admit is alright, but it’s not my Comodo Firewall darn it, lol. If anyone has experienced this please let me know.


Paul ???

Just a note: I have no spyware, malware, viruses, trojans, hijackers, etc…No other firewalls were installed as this was a new install.

Thats is weird.

Can you please make sure you have uninstalled it correctly?

What you can do to make sure is :

1- Open commandline and CD to personal firewall directory
2- type “fwconfig -uninstall” and restart the PC
3- Try to reinstall CPF

If these steps do not work, you may try installing the beta version to see if it solves the issues.


Hi and thank you for the reply. As mentioned, I put in a new HD and re-installed XP so Comodo was nowhere on my system. After the first Comodo try, I did a clean up and restore before the Comodo crash point and before I re-downloaded and installed. I can try the beta version. Also, this was from <another post from someone else which I just realized, >I tried to help with but fogot about…

{{{My system is clean and I did another clean install, but get the same error. After the error, Comodo just closes. This is what Windows is reporting as an error:

AppName: clptray.exe AppVer: ModName: rchook.dll
ModVer: Offset: 00001b00}}}}

So, I did find this after my post in two forums on here, fairly the same problem. I will try the beta version though and hope that works. I found no fix for this at all so far and when I googled it, it came back to comodo forums. Thanks again,


HMMM. It is Powerdesk which is causing this crash(rchook.dll). It tries to modify the memory of CPF thus causing the crash.

it’s a dll from the recovery manager that comes with vcom’s powerdesk and systemsuit (successor of ontracks systemsuit) and is part of the recovery manager.


Thanks for the reply. I did have RC commander installed, not powerdesk, so I uninstalled RC commander. We will see how it goes. Although, I had RC installed previously AND Comodo and didn’t have this issue. If in fact this is the problem and I no longer have these troubles, I will thank you greatly ahead of time. I use Fix it utilities pro 6 which is close to System suite but I do think the RC was causing the grief as it controls programs on it’s own. I noitced that I had my NEWS back in my Comodo window now so I have my fingers crossed. I even re-installed Windows thinking a different problem. If it works through the night, then I know it’s RC because CPF hasn’t gone over an hour steady without crashing. Thanks again, i’ll let you know.


I need to thank you again! It must have been the RC since I have had no crashes since. As I stated before, I had RC installed previously and Comodo with no conflicts so this didn’t cross my mind. Well . for whatever reason, namely the hook.dll, it’s working now and i’m back to using CPF. Thanks again! MUCH appreciated!


hey egemen,

Would it be worthwhile creating a “Known Software Conflicts with CPF” topic, to cover situations like this? Possibly extend to CAVS as well?

What think?
ewen :slight_smile:

I don’t know about egemen, but I would appreciate it. lol. Being rather new to Comodo, a topic as such would be a great help in my opinion.