Just want to break the 100 post mark

Just want to break the 100 post mark

That did now “COMODO Loves Me” :BNC :BNC :BNC :■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■ (R) (S) (L)

It’s a good initiative :slight_smile:
I was happy to break the 200 mark (not long ago, I’ve posted quite a lot lately, here on the OT board), as I then reached five stars!

Keep it coming!


Yous got a long way to go, juniors

Oh yes, but I have just as many stars as you do, and mine are golden! ;D :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: If you see the new forum theme as we mods and admins see right now, the stars look even more empty :frowning:

Thinking of all the work you and the other admins do; you deserve better. Can’t you change it, as an admin? Add an extra star? :slight_smile:

I’d add more than 1 star if I could (like 100 of them ;D). I think only admins can do that.

Oh, I see, for a while I thought mod was equal to admin. So Comodo staff are admins, mods are mods…

At least you have more posts than most of the users here :wink:


Correct, although some staff still only have the mod status (Not me though. I’m a volunteer). If we keep posting OT posts we can reach 10000 :wink:

And you guys reckon I pad my posts! LOL :smiley: :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Can’t wait until I reach 3000 ;D

Also you guys should check out the new Comodo theme that we are using, just change the theme in your profile and you will see :slight_smile:

My real # of posts is more than the current 2253 because I used to delete over 600 of my own posts when I started ;D.

So the new theme has always available for regular members for a while? Admins should’ve set it as the default by now.

I’d thought they did until today when I went and checked, I wonder why they haven’t switched it yet ???

Man, check out the stars these guys are sporting!! :BNC
Where do you buy them…heeheehee (:KWL)


I don’t think we can close this thread as [Resolved] until you make another post.

Yea I see a little Pading Going on here IF you want you can close this it doesn’t mater to me now I got my star



(L)Padding Eh… well just one more here…Yeh! (:KWL)

Now you’ve officially fullfilled your thread title


Come on wilpower go for 100. Just one to go!!!

Thanks fellow COMODIAN :■■■■ (:KWL)