Just updated to V6 from V5..... what the hell are you guys doing?

i was a comodo user for over 4 years… but what have you done to the latest version. :-TD

i now need 7 (SEVEN) clicks to get to the firewall application rules!!

do you think i have no better things to do then clicking my way through all these menu points?
why is there no shortcut to this most important section of the app?

and why have you removed options from rightclick menu on the comodo taskbar symbol?

also some features are completely missing in version 6.

hell the new version is so much worse then V5.

this update is not worth it. :frowning:

I get 4 clicks to the firewall rules, not 7.

You can arrange your own choosen (by right click) symbols into the traybar inside the userinterface mainpage. (Even giving infos about V6 is more complicated than ever :smiley: )

If you get annoyed by V6, and if V5 has been good,
why not use V5?
Until some things might get re-solved in V6, hopefully.

I need 2 in version 5.
And i dont use that list only once a “…”

You can have your own custom buttons in the main screen to help mitigate the problem. They will then also show in the widget and the jumplists when using Windows 7 or 8.

This sticky describes it as well as the manual: Getting buttons in CIS main screen for often used (advanced) settings menus.

So Gothmoth, this procedure will require you to make only 2 clicks to get to your firewall application rules. :wink:

… after consulting a forum

A learning process is no different for any other new program.
You can also read the help documentation it is your friend and it is also free. :wink:
Adding tasks to the Task Bar

I went back to 5 myself