Just tried Comodo

First of all I very gland to see any organization willing to produce good and FOC software. Good job man!
I tried all your product and wanted to ask some question and give some suggestion…
First is regarding the BOcleaner i run it and it say that i hav 50000+ trojan while i use any other antispyware (AVG, spybot, superantispyware, windows defender, ad-aware…) it shows none. How do i know is it really safe to delete all of it. And after the scan nor does it contain any remove button to remove it. Hence i think BOcleaner should make it more user friendly to cater computer noob like me. Maybe it should change to interface like comodo firewall one that one more user friendly.
Second, i run windows vista and after i installed memory firewall it shows that the driver not correctly installed and ask me to reinstall again do this software is vista supported?
Then about updating. I am from Malaysia and the connection here is not that good. Hence i often facing problem. Updating files often reach 3Mb above causes it often unable to finish the updating process. Maybe you should make the update files smaller(like AVG which around 200Kb+ per day), or make it to many smaller packet (like spybot or spyware doctor— so that if i need to download 10 packets and my connection stop at number 6th i only need to start back on the 6th instead of all over again) and also your update manager should include information about how large the files, how much time it need, whats the current download speed (i like the AVG update manager) so that users can gauge how long it need to wait.
Next about comodo backup i really love it compare to windows backup software<<it suckss… but it will be perfect if it can cater to backup the whole computer (i using vista)
If you ask me what the next program you all should experiment with, I will say registry cleaner, current cleaner in the market suckss and none of them work 100% successful, i often experience software crash which make my computer worst… Perhaps you all should be able to change the history… and also software to cleanup junk files…
As a supporter of free software, i surely help you guys to spread these software… thanks (:CLP)

Hi Prof3-iii, welcome to the forums.

BOC: I think BOCleaner (BOC) is saying that it can detect 50,000+ different types of trojan, rather than you are infected by that many. BOC works by scanning system memory for traces & then offers to stop them running (well, before they run - as they’re loaded into memory) on detection. BOC doesn’t really have an on-demand scanner, but files can be dropped on its interface to be scanned. BOCs usually very silent & unobtrusive… until it finds something it doesn’t like.

Vista? I don’t have Vista, so I’ll let a Vista knowledgeable member address those issues.

Updates? Yes, this has been raised before. Your points should be really placed into the Feedback section, you’ve posted in the CFP Beta section. Is it OK for me to move your topic there?

CFP Beta? Did you try CFP (the firewall)? There’s a stable version available.

New Anti-Virus due shortly which will run on Vista (probably a Beta first).

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You might need to make multiple product-specific topics for your out-standing questions… otherwise the answers might be very slow in coming.

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