just to let you know

a couple of us managed to uninstall comodo v3 simply by running REVO uninstaller, it did the job perfectly, and there was no need for any running of batch files, or complicated registry editing that we neither of us felt comfortable with just to uninstall something. Just wanted to let others know the route we undertook, and it took mere minutes. One of us is on Vista, I am on XP

I am not knocking Comodo here, please don’t think that is my intention, I always loved it prior to the update to V3, but will be using other software until Comodo gets ironed out some more.


I used revo to uninstall it also kestrel and it was easy.
One click and it was gone.
I said in another post that a lot more work needs to be done on v3 before i will try it again.
The old version was the best firewall out there but for vista at least this one is not.
I honestly think it was rushed out to soon before the bugs were ironed out of it.

I was the one to tell you this. Just be sure to use Advanced mode with Revo.

Yup, I used the correct agression setting.

Thanks , Emms

Any reason why you had to uninstall? The batch file is mainly for people in which cases the uninstall doesnt work. Revo will not work unless the uninstaller that comes with a program works.