Just to let people know there's a new Spybot S&D out!

Hey everyone, to those who use Spybot Search and Destroy, there’s a new version out, 1.5 Beta, it’s a beta but that’s probably not an issue, I’ve just downloaded it and will try it shortly. It’s avaliable from:

To those who aren’t using it, YOU SHOULD!

Matt Segstro

You can find a discussion topic with a direct download link on Safer-Networking :

A change log from PepiMK he published today:

A rough first change log (detection updates still very incomplete):

System support

* Restored Win95 compatibility
* Improved Wine compatibility
* Fixed HyperThreading issues
* Improved 64 bit immunization
* Create Portable.txt in main folder to use app folder as data folder as well
* New warnings about missing admin rights on Windows Vista
* Support for multi-line bookmarks (IE 7 / Vista)


* Added version info to bug report
* Include Errors.log now includes timestamps
* Improved Windows version display


* "Single excludes" now include filenames to be more unique
* Improved settings retrieval from registry (mixed installations)
* Fixed .reg import bugs
* Added support for automated removal of F/Ps from host lists
* Changed update UserAgent and Referrer
* Improved (Vista-compatible) support for fast user switching
* Updater now in separate executable file
* Vista manifests for assigning required rights to each application
* Deactivated list of active ports per process for Vista (incompatible)
* Fixed support for handle list on 64 bit systems
* Improved disabling/enabling BHOs
* New special error reporting for beta versions
* Support for Windows Error Reporting for public versions
* Fixed update-related crashes on Vista
* Fixed memory leaks (replaced Indy with Synapse)
* Vista-compatible MSI installer for those who like/need that
* Support for alpha tests on services and domains lists
* Added hundreds of new automated tests of internal functionality for prerelease QA

Detection and removal of threats

* Improved PE detection all over the place
* New 64 bit detection all over the place
* Improved file removal methods
* Added optional custom RecoveryDir setting in Default.ini
* Automatic guessing of "Download Dir" folders
* Added support for renaming services before stopping/killing/deleting them
* Improved plugin support (example: current TCP/IP Plugin)
* Support for regular expressions nearly all over the SBI interface
* Much improved logic connections between files, registry and API detections (others would invent a new TLA for that *g*)
* Speed-ups through improved caches
* File version checking
* Authenticode checking
* Improved archives checking
* Faster fulltext checking

User interface changes

* Fixed "show more information" panels
* Implemented workarounds for misarranged buttons (including TeaTimer)
* Improved support for /allhives in tools section (inactive installation support)
* Fixed flag shown on shortcut bar after changes
* Fixed IE proxy import in wizard
* Changed "use proxy" button to checkbox
* Improved localization on simple dialogs
* Added option to add a proxy inside app if running on Win PE
* Improved localization of list of updates
* Added Firefox icon on Cookie exclude page
* Fixed bad keyboard handling on some exclude lists
* Fixed cookie removal selection problems
* New confirmation dialog for system restore points
* Changed default font to Tahoma
* Red cross (trademarked) replaced with green cross
* Made "Check" option unavailable during fix
* Process list now is a bit less eager on tooltips
* Improved "delay start" dialogs
* Now displays checksum for each result for better trackback of results
* Fixed "Ignore Products" column width problems on Vista
* Improved localization of product descriptions
* Adjusted wizard for new situation (external updater etc.)
* Fixed Tools snapshot comparison highlighting
* Made display of registry changes in results list less confusing
* Improved SDHelper dialogs and block/allow choices

Known bugs:

* On Windows 95 B (not C) with old libraries, the background color "info background" (usually a light yellow) is not known, this crashes RichEdit controls. Either fix or MS update required. FIXED (not published yet).
* TeaTimer might crash after second change. Silly last minute changes FIXED (not published yet).
* The new Easter Egg might cause some endless brain loop, should you encounter two 4s, the first one is a 5 (can't tell more obviously :-D ). FIXED (not published yet).</blockquote>

Greetz, Red.

( Edited on request )

Thanks. Tried it, performed a scan, but as usual nothing was found (in my case, Spybot hasn’t ever found any malware). Now it’s uninstalled, I rely on CPF, CBOClean and Firefox.


I found that after scanning with the new spybot beta I could not open the CAVS GUI or update CAVS. Click show Comodo Antivirus and nothing happened. Had to restart the computer. This was repeatable: fine until a scan was carried out with spybot.

I don’t use spybot for scanning normally but thought I would give it a try. I think I shall continue to not use it!


If I understand it correctly, BoClean should technically be a much better and faster program for finding/removing spyware than Spybot Search & Destroy. As the name says you need to search for the malware, manually. Otherwise it will stay on your computer doing it’s nasty things. I’ve been using SS&D for several years and I was happy with it, but it was a slow process to have to scan through everything to see if there might be something there.
I’ve now switched to BoClean instead. It’s suppose to protect against the same kind of malware, right? And I don’t even have to click a button! I’m using the new 2.24 version. Works great!
Also the TeaTimer utility in SS&D is buggy and can cause people to click on the wrong button when programs try to change the registry, but that’s mostly a problem for first time users.
But in any case, we don’t need SS&D anymore, do we? Or have I missunderstood?

With S S&D you can also improve your privacy by finding logs, which BOClean can’t. But I don’t think S S&D makes more than BOClean, in terms of protection. So I use BOClean for protection, and CCleaner for privacy. No more S S&D.

Better go with today’s proactive prevention (CPF) than yesterday’s detection. :slight_smile:


I have been using Spybot for the past three years with all antivirus and firewall software I’ve had (NIS, Avast, ZA) and it always found something, usually tracing cookies. The same with Comodo (I have CAVS, CPF, and BOClean) no less and no more. Just the usual. I do not use the Teatimer agent, just scan my computer once in a while, usually before switching the computer off in the night.
I checked the new 1.5. It’s just fine, similar to the older versions, works perfectly. (:LGH)

I’ll give it a try, it’s just BETA, so hopefully it won’t crash to much.

The official link :


Greetz, Red.

cheers :BNC