just some questions about CIS

Let me just start this topic by congratulating Comodo about the excelent products you have! Your FW certinly made my PC much safer! I’ve been using CIS since the beta version and i must say i’m pleased with it!

However, please answer me these questions:

  1. Why the file size scan limit? What if i need to scan files over the max limit? (this one i just don’t understand)
  2. Is there any way to scan individual files? (CIS a-v integrated on win explorer?)
  3. I’m Portuguese, and although English is no prob to me, will you integrate a multilingual version afterwards?

Oh, and forgive me if these questions were already answered on other threads. I’m just a bit tired atm and didn’t search properly :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the good work! And thanks in advance :wink:

  1. You can change it
  2. It is a right click option in Windows Explorer
  3. There will be in the future

2 and 3 are answered. But i still don’t understand the why of file size limit. I know i can change it, but the max is 999MB. What if i need to scan files larger than that?

@1. You are right about that. It has been noticed before but I don’t know if it will be changed in the future.

Ok thanks for your help.

But if you or anyone have some more info on n. 1, post ok?

Thanks again :wink:

There have been a couple of people who have noted in the wishlist for the ability to scan files larger than 999MB (including me), so we will have to wait and see I guess… :wink: