Just reinstalled CIS, firewall box shows "no connections", no traffic shown on

Hello again

Finally succeded in installing CIS (version 8.0 something) on my XP SP3.

On advanced view, the Firewall section says “No connections” and i know there should be at least three there… svchost, alg and system.
This while

  • i have several svchost.exe processes (working fine). It did at one point shortly showed “system … 100%”.
  • connected and doing lots of traffic; it did detect new network, asking where i’m at.
    No traffic whatsoever is shown over icon

Otherwise it starts in tray, it updated fine, network speed is good. Recognised safe files and unrecognised a fiew (namely 3 legit programs). LE: also quick scanned sucesfully, clean.

I did swich configuration settings and imported defaults, no change.

Hope for some help here, thank you for the opportunity to ask