Just Re-installed CAVS [Resolved]

Just re-installed CAVS after a long absence. I had experienced a BSOD earlier and went back to AVG (temporarily of course). Actually I had to reinstall my OS and all my Programs as I could not access anything, not even via safe mode or CD. Little Mac will probably recall as he had the same problem.

AVG started slowing down my email so that it would time out before the mail was downloaded. Time for a switch, and CAVS seemed to be very stable now from reading what others have experienced here in the forums. AVG forum was less than helpful and there was no info in their notes to help either.

The install went perfectly and now after several hours and getting all the popups settled down it seems to be working well with my other applications. I now have CFP, BOClean, CMG, and finally again CAVS - nothing else!

Will monitor things for the next while and post if I have any problems or conflicts.


Hmm, that must’ve been the winlogon.exe issue?

Glad it’s all working well for you now. Hopefully before the Northern Hemisphere’s Summer is done, there will be a new, lean, mean CAVS ready for some malware-kicking testing. Melih has had some good things to say about it, and has promised it will rock our collective worlds.


Just came back to my computer after being away for a couple of hours. Lost my internet connection on it. It must be CAVS. I cannot get email or go on the internet at all, yet I can with my other computer on the same LAN. A restart does not work either. Will have to check it out in the morning.
Any ideas?

No other security software.

Just found out that everything works if I disable on-access scanner!

It sounded like a Winsock or LSP issue, until you said that disabling On-Access resolves it.

That being the case, I wonder if it’s not a conflict with some other software; perhaps CMG?

The other three work fine together in my experience; only one I haven’t used is CMG, and I know there have been some other issues with it.


I did not notice any problem with CAVS when I tried CMG, however it did pin CPU usage at 98% for BOClean.

Perhaps I should have looked more carefully before I removed CMG, if I get time I will try it again later (when I get home)


I think I will try removing CMG and give it a try. Startup this morning everything worked fine, so I don’t know why yesterday it stopped working after not being used for a couple of hours. I will try a few more things and post results. Are there any settings that I am not aware of that should be adjusted?


I would tend to think that within CAVS On-Access scanner’s Advanced settings, you would Exclude CMG from being scanned. This might be the source of conflict (if indeed there is a conflict). You really don’t want CAVS scanning CMG or CFP, IMO - they’re your security apps, therefore there is an implicit level of trust, and you don’t want them arguing with each other.

In the same way (as a side note) you want to set CAVS, BOC, and CMG as trusted applications within CFP, so that it’s not constantly monitoring them (it will still trigger an alert if they were to somehow get hijacked by malware; that’s a different situation than day-to-day activity).


This makes sense to me. I know that security programs often may conflict with each other. Still, I don’t now why CAVS would actually interfere with applications. Maybe I just can’t see it happen, because I’ve never had any issue with CAVS 2.0 - it’s perfectly stable on my system. :slight_smile:

John, I’m waiting with curiosity.


Today has been a day of wondering what happened yesterday. Since bootup this morning everything has been running perfectly with on-access scanner and hips both on. Email scanner is on and it is working well - much faster than AVG.

I will keep the suggestions you have for CAVS, BOC, and CMG Little Mac, just in case…But first I am going to wait to see how this goes for the next while.

I am wondering if last night my ISP was acting up. It is high speed always on and usually (like now) no problem at all. Last night could have been intermittent problems with them as I could go online with my W98 box on the same LAN but not this one(XP). That was a couple hours after CAVS install, that is why I suspected that to be the problem.

Anyway it is going to be wait and see. I will keep you posted.

LA you may not get your curiosity satisfied.


No problem, John. Could’ve been anything, really… sometimes computers are just like that! Frustrating as all get out, times like that.

Let us know if it goes bad, or if it continues to work - either way we’d like to know.


Will do LM


I prefer that dissatisfaction instead of problems with Comodo’s products. :smiley:

Good to hear that it works now.


Well, this is day 4 and everything is running well and trouble-free. My suspicion concerning my ISP must have been correct as I have not had a recurrence of the loss of internet access.

I had one little glitch that would not let an email out. It seemed to freeze part way through the scan. It was only a short text message and a restart of the system seemed to fix that. It was a one time thing so am not concerned about that.

Thanks Little Mac and LeoniAquila for your help and advice. The forum here is the most helpful one that I have ever seen. Keep up the good work.

Comodo is the best security for a PC that anyone could ever have. Thanks Comodo


Tnx for the update, John. I’ll go ahead and mark the topic as resolved, and close it. If you need it reopened, just PM a Moderator (please include a link back here) and we’ll be glad to do so.