Just Paul dropping in

Just dropping in a hi. Currently I can receive email but can’t respond, SBC server issues and AAMOF, won’t be having internet for couple weeks. That said…

I know some have emailed me and I can’t reply so i’ll just do it here…

I’m doing ok, my arm is a bit better, the carpal tunnel anyway, the tendinitis could be better :-\ I have been doing some graphics without going overboard, have had few more small jobs, won a contest from Bill P studios along with a signed T-shirt and as backup graphics DUDE (:KWL) . So yah, fairly happy about that. I also moderate now on GimpDome and such. I have been Inkscaping now too as vectors are a must.

As well, I am using open source now. Ubuntu, and others and haven’t been into Windows in a couple of months. So far, there isn’t anything I can’t do in Ubuntu that I could do in Windows and then some.

Aside from that, it’s about the same ol’. I am going back to school yet again for a teaching degree in basic PC repair and\or math, moving away from fixing the buggers. I am selling my house and moving closer to the chaos of our slightly larger city, the cost of gas will kill a guy. So that’s about it.

I hope everyone is doing ok. :■■■■

Take care,


Welcome to the forum, GimpGuy2000.
How can we help you with your Mother In Law, then?

Gee, Paul. What’s got into you??
Ewen miss you so bad, that he tried to announce the Mother In Law tournament - The 2nd Gig.
You should drop him a mail or so.

Man, I know those carpal thing. …uff, nasty.
But then again, it’s good to see your 2000 tail back to fill the forum again.

I guess Paul, will be Paul.
…as long, as you keep your distance from your MIL that is.

Cheers, matte!

Hey Paul,

Welocme back mate - you’ve been sorely missed. I can’t tell you how many candles I’ve left burning in the window sill! Goes a long way towards explaining the burnt curtains, though.

Drop me a line when you’re feeling up to it.

Kindest regards to all over there.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Since we last spoke I’ve become a grandfather - twice over. Either you’ve been away too long or my son is having WAAAAAY too much fun and WAAAAAAY too often. Explains Sarah’s jerky handwriting though. :wink:

The SComodo bunny has taking over Ewen’s family DNA!

World domination trend 5 years ahead!!

Hello Paul,

Its been far too long since we have spoken, I hope your arms will finish healing soon. I’ve sent you a few e-mails and talked to your son every now and then. But it’s good to finally hear from you! Congratulations on your graphics, I told you that you were excellent and always getting better ;).

Hope to hear from you again soon!


Hey Paul, good to see you. Glad to hear you’ved moved over into the wide wide world of Linux! Yeehaw! ;D Haven’t seen a drop of XP at home in some time now, myself. Done it all in Linux. I guess last we talked you were just starting to think about it.

Sweet news about the award-winning graphics designing, and all. Exciting!

Good luck on the move, and continued healing. Have some more coffee; I’m sure it’s good for ya!


Hey Paul,

It’s great to see you around here again, and glad your arm is getting better. Congratulations on winning those awards - i still have the graphics you did for me, they truly are excellent.

Also, thanks for the help you gave me before you left. It truly was appreciated.



@ Wisanggeni

LOL, yeah I keep my distance from my MIL, I am trying to buy her one of those space flights, I think it’s called ride into the sun, only one way trip though ;D


Congrats on the new little one :BNC That’s great news. Don’t forget to load up the dump trucks. :smiley:


Yeah, we have to speak again some time, would be great!

@ Little mac, I haven’t been back into windows in months (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

@ Mike, thanks and you are welcome. In a couple of weeks, I’m going to be doing some new stuff with Gimp and Inkscape which I call Gimpscape :slight_smile:

Take care all,