Just lost eveything you typed on Post? (Firefox only)

Ever typed in a reply or topic only to see an error when you hit Post?

This used to happen to me all the time with my previous ISP & very frustrating it can be. And there’s just about nothing you can do about it either… short of, copying the post into paste buffer before you hit Post (which I often had to do).

It doesn’t often happen to me now, but I’m sure it still happens to others and there is something that can help Firefox users… an add-on called Lazarus: Form Recovery which is specifically designed to recover from these situations & it does seem to work well with the forums.

I hope it helps. :slight_smile:

edit: Subject mod’ed to curb evangelical operatic posts. :wink:

It aint so hard with Opera. Simply click back, as it’s still in cache :). Then copy paste


You sure Xan? SSL (HTTPS)?
Yes, it did. But, then again… this is for Firefox users Xan (note the tags). So, please Opera-spam elsewhere ta. :wink:

I was just saying you should get a decent browser 88)

btw, it seems you already have the solution, so why are we still taling 88). Publish it ! ;D


Xan, like the majority of the planet I don’t use Opera as my regular browser. If you want to start your own operatic topic heralding the greatness of said browser, then please feel free to do so… in the meantime I’ll have to ask you to desist in your Opera spamming, otherwise I’ll get ganada (and you know he’ll enjoy it). ;D

PS I could start the Opera topic for you, if you wanted. :slight_smile:

PPS Actually… tailing? publish? I’m not sure what you mean (must be a Opera thing). ;D

LOL mod’s vs mod’s, I have tryed Opera and it was way to slow, Had to go back to using FF for malware research, since Opera cant safe some webpages.

Erm… this really isn’t meant to be an Opera vs Firefox topic. I was trying to help other Firefox forum members with something that used to bug me on a slower/poorer connection.

PS There’s nothing wrong with a bit of Mod on Mod action. :slight_smile:

I guess that would only be when using Fast History Navigation. Which is my preferred way of browsing with Opera.

Good grief. 88)

What’s up?

It’s just about the amount of Opera posts a topic about Firefox attracts.

Oh the joy in browser land…:smiley:

Erm… Xan, this is in the public boards.

edit: Xan’s “snip snap” undone. Split/Delete the Opera-spam & I’ll consider the “snip snap”.
edit2: “Snippie snappie” undone as well. For some odd reason Opera users (like Xan) seem to think they have unique functions, like edit.
edit3: Operatic corrections required.


Deleting & editing posts 88)


edit: Omission corrected.;D

I can one-up that one. My previous pc was in such bad shape, I basically could never be sure it wouldn’t reset any second. That’s how I got in a habit of always typing in a text document and saving often.

I’m using firefox, mostly b/c I think it’s cute Xd
So, I’ll gladly take that advice
Thank you

PS There's nothing wrong with a bit of Mod on Mod action. :)

Did anyone here see the Colbert Report episode with the battle of the gods segment?

Snippie snappie ! :). Beat that with firefox 88)


Hang on… this isn’t stealth-Opera spam is it?

Just did. All undone. :slight_smile:

no this is Colbert Report spam.

You know Stephen Colbert? He used to be on the Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart, but he’s been doing his own spoof news show on comedy central for a couple of years, now. (I think you can actually watch all episodes ever on colbertreport.com) I’m not a great fan of the Daily Show, but the Colbert Report is the funniest thing I know on basic cable.

btw, what was that snippie snappie about??

btw, what was that snippie snappie about??
Nothing really... someone having a thing in their clipboard that they shouldn't have >:(


Sure, the comic… Comedy Central?

No worries, I’m just dealing with an Opera fanatic. :slight_smile:

Maybe. 88)