just lost all my tabs

like the title says, I closed CID, I did get a VS JIT debug window, and now I’m back on it, but no 36 important tabs.
Dragon and Opera don’t do this, in fact, Opera offers to recover your last session or continue.

so this is kindof another push for a Comodo Opera build.
Dragon (engine side) = way too much RAM :-TD
IceDragon = not as safe and unstable :-TD
hopes the update will improve alot

hopefully an opera build will take care of all of that :-\

Hi Tcll,
Both Opera and Dragon use the Blink Layout Engine based off of the Chromium project.
IceDragon on the other hand is based off of the Mozilla (Firefox).

You can access the ‘Recently Closed Tabs’ list or ‘Restore Previous Session’ under the ‘History’ menu in IceDragon.
Edit: You can also set IceDragon to ‘Warn when closing multiple tabs’ under tabs in the options menu.

Kind regards.

sorry, I don’t use the later versions of Opera as I don’t consider them to be as safe as their presto engine (because of the fact they switched to chromium)

so yea, I meant Opera12 (which did get a recent update)

also, my recently closed tabs don’t show me my lost tabs, and I don’t have a previous session.
(if I had a way to recover my lost tabs, I wouldn’t be complaining about this)

Hi Tcll,
AFAIK Opera (Presto) has never made the journey to become open sourced and if I am correct, there is the brakes.

In regards to your recently closed tabs and previous session not available, are you using custom history settings or private mode?

Kind regards.

let’s see if I can get something from them for you :slight_smile:

yea, uhh… I’m just gonna leave this alone…

I will say I’ve had these tabs open for weeks, and I still have to close the browser to play Minecraft MadPack.
(meaning my history settings remember my tabs)

I know the difference between a crash and a user error, especially when the VS JIT debug window comes up.
but even that aside, I AM a programmer, not some idiot behind a browser…

OK Tcll just to be clear I wasn’t suggesting anyone is an idiot, I was merely suggesting the obvious is sometimes overlooked. :slight_smile:

ok, sorry I got so up-tight about it :slight_smile:
I hate it when people do that in the form of sarcasm. >.>
(not implying you did… just saying) :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem all is good, thanks. :slight_smile:

hey sticks, if you’d like to add anything: :wink:

don’t expect anything soon, but I can probably (high chance) get them to give your guys a src ;D

Well the future can be full of surprises.