Just loaded the new version 12/30/07

I have been hesitant to make the move from 2.4 to v3. with the problems occurring for I have no testing machines right now.

My biggest thing was resource usage when asked what I wanted in the v3 release.

I am happy to report that this is way better on resources, both services are leaner!

My system does take 7 seconds longer to boot but I only timed it 2 times.

My biggest gripe is that I do not get a prompt when my outlook is online, it just says learning. I would however allow it but it gives me no choice.
And the same goes for google earth, adaware and spybot, They are automatically allowed to update themselves? this is bullxxxx!
I suppose I need to learn the app/custom policy mode?, but this is pissing me off.
The learn mode by default is ■■■■ because it automatically puts all those apps as “allow” in the application rules.

Hate to be harsh. the app is better than I thought.
It passed 3 different firewall and leak tests.

Oh yeah i only installed the basic.

I just reinstalled with the “advanced firewall” option, much better.
The basic is good for my mom!

Without reinstalling, I think you could have adjusted it by clicking Defense+, advanced, image execution control settings.

What’s yours say now, aggressive?

It says normal

I’ll try aggressive though.

What is up with the app taking forever to initialize?

It’s because you have Terminal Services disabled like the rest of us :frowning:

OK, I’m not even sure what the difference is in installing in basic or how the image execution settings work. (:TNG)

Let us know!

This auto learning thingy is because cfp installs with defense+ in clean pc mode by default. This assumes that all your files on your drive are safe. (files newly introduced wont be learned without an alert). If you want more control just set defense3 from cleanpc mode to train with safe mode. It will still learn things automatically but only the ones listed in the safelist. If you want even more, full control you can try to set defense+ to paranoid mode but this way you will receive an alert for everything. I do not advise to set image execution control from normal to aggressive by the way. The difference between basic and advanced mode is that in basic you will get a simple firewall similar to zone alarm free without defense+. In basic mode you will lose most of your outbound protection as defense+ is the one responsible for stopping leaking programs and malware ect. If you need further explanation you could check out the help file too as it does contain useful basic information. If not found there the forum will always be there too.

Yes my apps are clean and I trust them but that does not mean I want them online when I am not utilizing any online features. I hate programs that go online without my say so. I do not even give spybot etc “remeber” permission. I like to give it permission each time I update. I agree on the image execution, aggressive is overkill but a nice option for sure. I went with basic mode on first install because I want a lean application. However it was to weak for me. However I think it will be good for installs on machines like my moms where she freaks out on all the popups.
If I install in “Basic Mode” exactly what settings would I change in the GUI to mimic as though I had installed in the “Advanced Mode”

Where do I change that? is it changeable? I could find nothing in the HELP index under “terminal Services”

It’s floating around in the forum, not in the help file:
Start > Run > services.msc > Terminal Services

https://forums.comodo.com/help_for_v3/comodo_fw_not_starting_automatically_as_windows_starts-t17615.0.html;msg121052#msg121052 as an example :P0l

Oh that service!

yeah mine is disabled. thanks.

Does this mean I am not protected until the app is initialized?

No, because that would be like questioning whether you’re protected from inbound connections during the Windows boot up sequence (:NRD). Like in v2, the CFP driver is loaded before Windows. I ran Shields Up test before and all ports were stealthed. However, I’m not certain if Defense+ and the outbound protection is active during this stage - anyone care to confirm?

Sorry Soya I forgot the terminal service question. I was referring to the various operating modes of cfp.

at Cliffhucker: If I understand it correctly you don’t mind cfp learning the execution and internal actions of files, you only want to control their network behaviors. If this is the case you can leave defense+ in cleanpc mode and try to change the firewall security level to ‘custom policy’ mode.