Just loaded 3.0, and I'm totall blown-away (first-impression).

I’ve been using 2.4 for a while and like it. I moved from Mcafee to KAV and it’s imo totally incompatible with 2.4 (last version). Just a bunch of problems. I decided to install Comodo 3.0 on a clean XP image on another HD. and then image the XP/Comodo 3.0 install before installing an AV, which I installed after testing the reinstalled image. I played around with it a little today and the Comodo GUI is very cool, 1st impression—especially with the quality of the “event-explanations/PU explanations”. (other SW vendors should take note as these "just don’t leave you hanging thinking W-TF do they mean/ie you don’t have to have a Ph.D in computer science or spend 15 minutes on a search-engine to figure out what to do–allow/deny/give-up). Just a couple of questions. 1) Is there a hack/procedure to set the password to the “limited user” account only, and/or once you’ve entered the Comodo GUI with your password, you don’t have to continually use it to open up sub-sections and then only use your password when comodo is re-opened? I agree with the password protection for the limited-user/surfing accounts, but it may be a little “overboard” unless you can just enter it once on the administrator accounts to open and not continually to open sub-sections. (again first impression as I’ve only played with it for about an hour and I’m more of a learn-on-the-fly type and not much for reading a long tutorial). 2)I read someone’s question about being able to label your network blocking rules, (and it made sense to me), such as instead of just seeing 72.14.—.— to 72.14.—.— you could also label it immediately above/below, “google-analytics”, or “doubleclick”, or “RIPE” etc. Can you do that with 3.0?