Just kindly send you user Exp, then uninstall comodo

no doubt that comodo firewall is my first choice since comodo1 beta provided

now i have to uninstall CIS, because pool support

your offline setup link can’t be downloaded, even went to your comodo.cn webpage,

on that page another mirror download link(pchome download center)with dead links, given the former version.

Finally i found most update version setup file in cloud, a bit inconvenient.

and your CIS cav update speed is too slow here, i can’t help to stop this process. With nothing about offline update support on your webpage.

CIS not my first choice but the firewall. When i email your customer service asked about firewall compatibility with other a-v software. Your CS just feed back few words, means i should / had better install a-v software from the same provider.

That’s a superficial attitude. If should / had better install a-v software from the same provider, could u tell me why firewall install standalone?

I was in a rush and truly accidentally installed Comodo, along with a bunch of other free stuff. I’ve uninstalled the other items, but I can’t uninstall Comodo. When I try, it says I don’t have administrator access. If I try to enable administrator rights, it says the file path cannot be found. This software is causing some major problems on the my PC in terms of compatibility with my VPN client. I can’t get it to open or uninstall. I’m not sure what to do. I’m not an administrator, just a person who was in a hurry and said yes to a download that I shouldn’t have. Would appreciate help. Running Windows 7 if that helps.

Please follow the advice I give in this post.