Just joined the family :)


I’ve been using Comodo firewall for about two months now, after my previous FW gave me some problems. It is really a fantastic product. I could go on and on about how and why I love it, but I think I’ll just say: (L)
Thank you for giving me this for free, and for the effort you obviously put into your products!!

As I’m not working professionally with computers or very much in computer environments, there is not very much I can do to promote, but whenever I get a chance (and I do fix my friends’ computers a LOT) I advice people to have a look at your products. Myself, I am not ready to part with my Avast yet, but I guess that the moment CAVS comes out of beta, I’m all yours (:LOV) (And I am REALLY not easily won over…)

Also: I spend quite some time on software forums (hobby of mine to test software). This forum is maybe the best I have seen. Answers seem to be fast and perfectly balanced between the very informative and joyfully silly. And always friendly and welcoming.

So - just to tell that I have joined the family. Hope to have a lot to do with Comodo in the future!! :■■■■

Welcome to our Comodo Family Steinsk!


Welcome to the best security forum on the net. (:WAV)

And sorry that I’ve contributed to the “silly” part of the forum ;D

Hey, no sorries, just keep it coming :slight_smile:

This is the only forum where I learn A LOT while sometimes laughing my head off :■■■■

Just don’t argue about it; aladinonl likes to debate about elephant legs as well. ;D


LOL, and some guy’s shaved legs too 88)

Big brother can see what you’re writing. (:KWL)

Steinsk, welcome! :slight_smile:


Who shaved their legs ? Correct me if i’m wrong But isn’t this forum mostly guys? (:LGH)

It’s a riddle. ;D

hahahahaha never mind i remember now LeoniAquila (:LGH) It’s alright man… hairy legs or no hair means nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, now i kno whether a goose haf hair legs…
I understand man. Its like Nepoleon said height is not important.

P.S: Napoleon - Wikipedia

Nooooooooo Personally i do NOT shave my legs but thats just me :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, i don’t think Goose’s leg is hairy.;D shave your wings instead

and welcome Steinsk. (:HUG) (:HUG)

I see dat u really dun shave fr ur 9 “o”. And tru, its just u coz i did shave mine wen i was 13 :slight_smile:

i shave my beak hair :frowning: well my NBOD ( Ninja Beak Of Death) actually :stuck_out_tongue:

the upper or lower beak? ;D
sorry, bad joke :-X